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Dragonfire | Inferno of the Star Mounts [Primer]

Commander / EDH Burn Dragons Flying Haste Mono-Red Multiplayer Primer Ramp Treasure Voltron




Imvaernarhro, also known as Inferno of the Star Mounts or simply Inferno, was an ancient red wyrm that laired within the Star Mounts, the range of peaks in the High Forest of the North. He was famous for his mastery of fire magic and a massive treasure hoard.

Inferno of the Star Mounts is good ole fashioned magic. It's a dragon with haste and fire-breathing. It can do an additional 20 damage when it reaches 20 power. It's straightforward and aggressive. Win or lose, this voltron burn deck is full of gas and fun to play.

  • You want straightforward gameplay
  • Win or lose, you enjoy being the threat at the table
  • You like classic Magic the Gathering mechanics like fire-breathing dragons
  • You enjoy dealing massive damage even when no cards in hand
  • You like to play many creatures, control, or combo
  • You prefer longer, slower games with more complexity
  • Running protection in a mono red deck is not for everyone
  1. Commander Damage.
  2. Burn.
  1. This deck is thirsty for mana. Lucky for us, dragons love treasure! Or play ramp like Extraplanar Lens, Gauntlet of Power, and Caged Sun to get your commander out quickly. Also, the early game is perfect to get protection online like Mask of Avacyn, Commander's Plate, Resurrection Orb, and Darksteel Plate so you can cast your commander safely. Pro Tip: When in doubt, play ramp.

  2. In the middle game, play card advantage spells to find boosters to Inferno's power like Blackblade Reforged or Claws of Valakut. Maybe take out the opponent with the most threat. Continue to ramp for that fire-breathing win condition and draw as much as possible to keep protection up.

  3. With big mana on board, nuke remaining opponents with a thunderous burn spell like Chandra's Ignition and Crackle with Power. Or just keep activating Inferno's fire-breathing for commander damage +20 damage. The win conditions in this deck actually scale well for multiplayer!

  • Explosive
  • Durable
  • Mass artifact and enchantment removal.
  • Board wipes.
  • Rdicts.
  • Lands: 41 lands in this mana thirsty deck to make a land drop on every turn. Loot effects like Faithless Looting and Seize the Spoils keep the cards flowing so discarding a land for two new cards is a happy solution. Snow-Covered Mountains are stronger but I am using the Unfinity mountains because I like the art, the space theme is fun in combination with the 40K artifacts (I call this deck Space Dragon), and because I want to pay the penalty for the few opponents who happen to run basic mountains to keep things fair.
  • Ramp: Treasure is on theme for a dragon commander deck so I've leaned into that without going over the top with Descent into Avernus. I'm also running ramp staples like Wayfarer's Bauble, Burnished Hart, Extraplanar Lens, Gauntlet of Power, Sceptre of Eternal Glory, and Caged Sun.
  • Removal: Mostly mass removal like Blasphemous Act and Chandra's Ignition for card advantage reasons. I really like Earthquake because it can be played early or late and together with Chandra's Ignition our commander is untouched. Chaos Warp and Wild Magic Surge remove enchantments like Song of the Dryads and Darksteel Mutation.
  • Protection: Defense is offense here when protecting a commander that regularly deals 40 damage per turn. The defense in this deck such as Deflecting Swat and Bolt Bend slows down opponents from removal while also letting us remove their pieces, deny them drawing cards while we add more fuel to our hand, even ramp.
  • One alternative to the protection suite are extra turns cards like Final Fortune, Warrior's Oath, and Last Chance. Make no mistake, these cards can close out games when two opponents are left as long as you don't get blown out.
  • Another approach focuses on repeating activations of Inferno's 20 damage ability using cards like Bone Flute, Contagion Clasp, and Umezawa's Jitte that reduce creature power. This feels like a combo that would require more slots to make it work and though explosive, not what I want to be doing.
  • Some players want to go the spellslinger route with rituals and copy spells. While this adds speed it can open you up to two-for-one moments where they remove Inferno. Generally I've chosen cards that give repeatable effects to improve on the card disadvantage of the Redirect spells and to help sustain damage.
  • Finally, many players prefer to play a dragon tribal subtheme with Dragonspeaker Shaman, Shivan Devastator, Utvara Hellkite, Dragonmaster Outcast and Ancient Copper Dragon. This build also has the benefit of protecting Inferno from edict effects.


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