I had a gem mint Sliver Queen sitting in a wooden box. It was a very pretty wooden box. Even so, I figured it would look better in the Command Zone. I used to run a casual Sliver deck back in the day so I've got a bit of a clue about lines and choices, but I'd welcome any suggestions.

I'd be a horrible inviter of ideas if I didn't take a moment here to point out that I'm about twenty paces beyond OCD when it comes to EDH. Suggestions will all be loved equally, but my broken mind will only be able to assimilate those which fit my math and patterns ;)

I'm aiming for a fun agro type of list but one that can close out a game quick if need be, you know ... a Sliver deck! The other five-colour lords are sleeved up and in the 99 so I can swap them into the command zone for a change of pace.

Speaking of lord swapping, the deck is built to swarm and combo off with The First Sliver , Sliver Queen or Sliver Overlord at the helm, so it runs all three main deck, and will generally run one of these as commander. The deck plays out spin-the-wheel-value-engine with The First Sliver in the Zone, skews more combo with Sliver Queen at the helm, and Sliver Overlord adds a toolbox feel with its tutor ability.

Morophon, the Boundless and Mana Echoes , for example, work great alone and better in tandem to combo off with any Commander, but they're just a little stronger with the Queen, and more consistent with the Overlord. Any additions made would have to work with multiple Commanders' functionality and playstyles in mind.

I'll likely only dig for a combo when I need to close out quick; most of the time I'll just be dropping slivers and turning them sideways. As such, The First Sliver is my current go to, though I'll swap around when presented with a more tuned pod.

So I have the Plan A+B type stuff down, cause Slivers aren't exactly rocket science. I'd like to add some spice to this deck so it doesn't end up back in the pretty wooden box. That's where you guys come in ...

How do you make a Sliver deck better? By combining the abilities of all the Slivers, of course!

If I want to build Sliver-y-est Sliver deck of all time, I'll need to draw on the strengths of the community and use the hive mind to build the hive.

I've enjoyed my interactions with this community, and now I want a little piece of all of you in this deck. Let me know all the great little Sliver synergies that I've missed.

Seriously? You couldn't just contribute without a return on investment? Some hive you turned out to be.

Just kidding, I love giving back. This is my favourite part!

Ok fine, how about this???

I'm fleshing out this description into a proper primer as the list evolves. I'll craft up some even craftier words than the words crafted here and make it all entertaining and informative and whatnot. That's pretty damned crafty; I took almost thirty four minutes crafting this part, and I've spent at least fourteen more editing it. Thanks in advance, dear community, for helping with anything that will help make this deck a good time.

And thanks, as always, for your interaction and support on my other deck primers. If it please you, a taste of my completed writing so that you have something to chew on while I cook up something tasty for the hive:

Beyond balancing and tuning stats to produce numerically delicious graphs (20 x <= 1 CMC, 20 x 2 CMC, 20 x >=3 CMC) I have my decks built into functionally and aesthetically balanced five card blocks, such that each block forms multiple mirrored patterns, while adhering to strict functionality and thematic principles within both its mirrored grouping, and the deck as a whole.

It's difficult to describe accurately, or display using this site's interface, but each deck is a functional piece of art, as beautiful to behold as it is true to purpose.

Though I own my decks in paper, I rarely if ever actually play in group. I simply like the challenge of theory-crafting something perfect, numerically, functionally, and aesthetically.

I hope that my OCD outlet provides your playgroup some entertainment.

For you, and forever,



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