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Twiddle Storm - The Worst Oiled Machine

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Twiddle Storm - The Budget Storm

The best 7 card combo in Modern (It wasn't clickbait)

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The case of Sea Gate Stormcaller vs. Vizier of Tumbling Sands

I decided to try out Sea Gate Stormcaller in place of Vizier of Tumbling Sands.

Vizier of Tumbling Sands was essentially 1 to draw a card and untap Lotus Field. Akin to spliced Reach Through Mists/Psychic Puppetry without the +1 storm count. In the end, both of these moves will end up spending . Thus leading to an extra floating with your Lotus Field untapped. I decided to try out something that's a bit different.

While not initially interesting, I found out casting Sea Gate Stormcaller with a copied & spliced Ideas Unbound/Psychic Puppetry is actually a cheaper then if you were to play 2 spliced Ideas Unbound. Despite it costing a whopping 5 mana, this little 3 card combo will lead to some insane card advantage. Even though its technically a 4 card combo (3 cards on turn 5). The importance of hitting your land drops in specific ways makes it a 7 card combo on turn 4.

Also, while copying cards like a Reach Through Mists/Psychic Puppetry, you end up spending 4 mana and coming out with 6 - Or 3 mana and an untapped Lotus Field. Despite adding extra cards to a combo, copying an arcane spell spliced with Psychic Puppetry will always end up ramping a slight amount while ALSO racking up the storm count AND having a creature on the board.

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Now I'll explain the golden combo (The trick is living long enough).

Ok, so hear me out on this one. If you are not playing against control and the like; this is possible on turn 4.

This is the literal best outcome that I can come up with.

  1. Turns 1: Play a non-Lotus Field Land.

  2. Turns 2: Play another non-Lotus Field Land.
    Optional (Optimal): Play at least one Serum Visions and/or Sleight of Hand in the first two turns.

  3. Turn 3: Float the two mana and sac both lands for Lotus Field. Since Lotus Field enters tapped it would be risky to try and go off as it often requires almost absurd amounts of luck. That's also assuming the opponent doesn't have any way to interfere with the plan.
    Again, play another Serum Visions and/or Sleight of Hand and then pass turn.

  4. Turn 4: Tap Lotus Field for . Spend to cast Dream's Grip or Twiddle to untap Lotus Field. Then pay the remaining to cast Sea Gate Stormcaller. Tap Lotus Field again for another . Cast Ideas Unbound spliced with Psychic Puppetry*.

Note**: First you draw 3 then untap Lotus Field then immediately tap it again for another . Draw 3 more off the copied spell, then untap Lotus Field yet again.

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Also, there are other ways to storm off. Another one is having a Lotus Field by turn 4 and at least 2 Twiddle effects and an Ideas Unbound & Psychic Puppetry in hand and just digging for more draw power / Breach. Despite lacking a lot of swag, it's a lot more common of a finisher. In my testing though (roughly 50 games and 100 or so goldfishes), combos involving Sea Gate Stormcaller tend to not fizzle as much. If anyone has played on Cockatrice (and knows how horrible the shuffling algorithm is), imagine the feeling of resolving a single Ideas Unbound only to draw the other 3 Lotus Fields. That level of bullshit can happen, hence why it's important to get the most 'dig' out of your combos because mana is tight in this deck. At best - talking all potential cantrip and other plays, the math works out to about per card drawn. So in the case of Sea Gate Stormcaller, the ability to pay 5 to draw 6 is huge.
Since I tend to be stupid and like do things my way, I have made some choices that are not considered budget.

So if you don't see the point of buying expensive cards in order to pilot a horrible deck here are some budget options.

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Any input? Love to hear it. There's at least two active Twiddle users in Lowenstein & me so why not join us?

Go ahead and compare notes with Lowenstein's list as they are currently more active in the Twiddle-verse than I am. Show 'em some love by hitting that upvote!

Twiddle Storm Is GOOD

Modern Lowenstein


If you're a fan, create your own deck list and let us know! We need to show that Twiddle has a presence on TappedOut because Twiddle as a whole is a Tier 4 deck (at best) and that we strive for continuous improvement.



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