I've playtested alot of the knights decks floating around, but this is as aggro as it comes. Low to the ground with the draw power of Stormfist Crusader and Light Up the Stage .

The Deck admittedly has some issues with control, Narset, Parter of Veils randomly shuts off Stormfist Crusader for a turn and Teferi, Time Raveler hoses our Embercleave . Bring The Circle of Loyalty in those match-ups. That being said if you win the die roll you have quite a few hands that can kill them before they get the chance to play Teferi.

Chandra's Spitfire can be obnoxious, countless times I've had the mono red player DOB and they play a Cavalcade of Calamity and hit you for 19 in the air, bring in some Murderous Rider .

I'm stating to believe that Fires on Invention is the most ridiculous card in this new format, the sweepers that they play and then the ability to swarm the board with very powerful walkers. Drill Bit and The Elderspell are the key to winning this match-up. So far at least this is our weakest Game 1 in the format.

The people playing Gilded Goose haven't caught onto how good Blacklance Paragon plays with Fervent Champion . They WILL block and they WILL concede out of shame.

I'll update more match-up specific interactions as I come across them.

Now go get in the Red Zone my dudes, enjoy.

Trying to lock in a Side Board for this deck if anyone has suggestions feel free to throw them my way, cheers :)


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Actually pretty tilted right now, just dropped in the MTGA 'Win every card event' due to the way that Tournament Grounds behaves.

If you plan on playing this deck (or any Knights deck) note that if you cast a Knight spell it will always pull the mana from Tournament Grounds regardless of what other lands you have for example if you have Tournament Grounds Sacred Foundry and 2x Godless Shrine and you cast a Venerable Knight with 3 other Black knights in your hand it will pull White mana from Tournament Grounds rather than Sacred Foundry. I believe any other dual land checks for cards in hand and Auto-taps mana accordingly and this Tournament Grounds thing is a massive oversight.

TLDR; Tournament Grounds is illogical, use full control mode liberally.


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