Eight-And-A-Half-Tails is an interesting commander that protects itself and your stuff by making things white. I've gone a combo rout this time and there are a few combos here that are rather intriguing. First up we have Felidar Guardian + Restoration Angel with the win con being a Soul Warden like effect and Aetherflux Reservoir to pay life and kill the table or Altar of the Brood to mill all of your opponents. You can add Panharmonicon to this combo for more value. The second and probably my favorite combo in this build is Altar of Dementia + Gift of Immortality + Sun Titan . This will create an infinite mill loop to kill off your opponents one by one. I've added as much ramp in white I could think of and a good amount of protection for yourself and your stuff plus a healty but light amount of removal. I think it may need more removal but I'm not sure as of yet play testing will show me. Always open to suggestions!


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