I've always wanted to build a deck around Kefnet the Mindful. A 3 mana 5/5 flying, indestructible just seems awesome to me but the drawback of needing a full hand has always made it difficult. I also don't have a lot of experience in building control decks.

Here's my first attempt at a deck to utilise the Amonkhet god. The deck will play as a draw-go style deck. Keeping the hand full of counters and other annoying plays. Threats that cant be dealt with by counters or removal are stolen using control magic effects or copied.

Game Plan No1 :- Get Kefnet online early, beat face, hold up mana for counters and draw spells.

Game Plan No2 :- Use copy spells or steal spells to get hold of more threats. Why play my own bombs when i can use OP's?

Game Plan No3 :- Straight up control. counter and bounce everything until i can get back on the board.

I any help would be appreciated. I don't have the budget for the obvious Force of Will's and other super expensive useful cards so please bear this in mind with suggestions.

If you think it looks good as it is, please drop a +1

Listed this deck as duel commander as i only really play 1 on 1 with individual friends, who are all ok with Sol Ring and Mystical Tutor


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