Lots of shenanigans, +1/+1, lifegain, a little of everything. Can be ran with Drana L, Drana K, Kalitas or Anowon as CMDR - pick your poison. I typically run it with Drana L, Kalitas or Anowon, depending on the table.

My first from-scratch deck. A lot of love and effort went into this, and I'm pretty proud of it considering I've only been playing MTG since May 2017. All constructive suggestions are welcome.

Cards I want to add but don't yet have are on the Maybeboard.

Combos & Synergy


Thanks to two very special friends for giving me the motivation to build this deck, always helping with ideas and advice, giving me the first cards that started it all when I was a scrublord, and raging when I win with it! Stay brutal, my friends.