It's Emma's mill deck, with requested tweaks.

It goes without saying that milling out opponents is difficult and requires tools to survive the long game: board clears, card advantage, and spell-based disruption. Any card that says "each opponent puts X cards in the graveyard" is invaluable for this reason. And even then, cards like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth prevent milling entirely.

Game plan

Mill all players, including yourself. Gain card advantage off of cards that can be cast from your graveyard so you never run out of gas. Play cards that like to be tapped or untapped to leverage Phenax's ability. Sweep the board at will because Phenax is indestructible. Win on turn 100.

Cards with flashback/enbalm/eternalize/retrace

Deep Analysis is the posterchild for this strategy. If you mill yourself and Deep Analysis lands in your graveyard, you get to draw 2 cards without using a card from your hand for two mana and three life!. That's effectively drawing three cards!

Since a lot of mill cards say "each player puts X cards in their graveyard" and you are a player, this deck naturally wants to play cards like Deep Analysis . Some highlights include:

  • Rags / Riches - One of the problems with including cards that say "each creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn" is that they're so situational. This card can be redeemed in late game for a mass mind control/edict effect, which is astounding value.
  • Commit / Memory - In a deck that can put the top two cards of an opponent's library into their graveyard, an effect that says "put target spell or nonland permanent into its owner's library second from the top" effectively says "counter target spell or destroy target creature". Expensive but flexible cards such as this one are staples of control decks since it's so hard to cover all possible scenarios in a reactive deck.
  • Forbidden Alchemy - "Look at the top 4 cards of your library and choose one" is surprisingly close to a tutor. This sort of effect is known as card filtering and is a staple of reactive decks. Find lands early, find action late.
  • Champion of Wits can be played from your graveyard to give a 4/4 that draws four cards and discards two for 7 mana. That is incredible value.

One-card mill engines

  • Manic Scribe is a 0/3 that mills each opponent for 3 cards during their turns in the late game. Not super powerful but it's also an early blocker, which this deck sorely needs.
  • Folio of Fancies is a one-card mill engine that mills all opponents and can dig you to action in emergencies. It's also a f**k you to opponents who draw a million cards. Plays politics.
  • Mind Grind , Consuming Aberration - one card mill engines.
  • Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - a f**k you to midrange decks with big creatures that incidentally mills.
  • Dreamborn Muse is a creature, which helps with Phenax.

Board clears

Inspired cards (cards that like to be untapped)

I'm also including cards that like to be tapped.

Ways to untap stuff

What's better than milling people? Milling them twice! A lot of these cards can also untap lands, which means they're mana dorks. This deck sorely needs mana dorks.



Other synergy cards

Graveyard hate

If opponents benefit from you milling them, you will desperately need ways to remove their graveyard. - Nihil Spellbomb exiles a graveyard and doesn't cost you a card. - Bojuka Bog belongs in every single black EDH deck, including this one.

Boring mana rocks


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