First off, while this deck does have very powerful blue spells in it, there is a really nice budget version of this deck you can play too.

This deck is at its core a control deck that uses pingers to blow up your opponent's creatures. After clearing the board you start slowly whittling away at your opponent's life totals.

The Isochron Scepter + Dramatic reversal combo is great even if you don't generate infinite mana because it generates a lot of damage.

Curiosity combos also work from your commander meaning you can accidentally draw Niv-Mizzet combo right there. what's great about this is because of ghyrson you only need 13 cards per player (39) to kill a whole table assuming you can ping for 1 pt at some point during the game, meaning we don't need lab man to ensure it's a kill.

Clones like Spark double and Sakashima (need to acquire) allow you to duplicate your commander which is gas.

defensive artifacts are meta choices and are flexible (Ensnaring bridge, damping sphere, i also find caltrops to be meta dependent)

Once i have copies of arcane lighthouse and resurrection orb they will be added.

Grafted Exo Skeleton murders indestructible creatures if you equip it to ghyrson - it's also an extremely fast kill.


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