While Unbound Flourishing has a lot of text, it basically doubles up any X spells or X activations, making it pretty similar to a Doubling Season for X stuff. We've got a bunch of ways to take advantage of the enchantment, but our primary plan is to make a bunch of mana and then use Unbound Flourishing to copy a massive Villainous Wealth . Villainous Wealth is a weird card, being close to a Genesis Wave that hits our opponent's deck rather than our own but with the upside that we can also cast the spells we exile with Villainous Wealth . Normally, one of the problems with Villainous Wealth is that how good it is depends mostly on our opponent's deck, which is something we can't control. But thanks to Unbound Flourishing and our big-mana plan, we can cast Villainous Wealths that are so big that we can overcome the variance with brute force. No matter what our opponent is playing, if we manage to cast 20 or even 40 cards from their deck for free, it should be enough to win the game in just about any matchup!


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