This deck is a rotated standard deck relying on the synergy between dash and Elemental Bond At this point I'm thinking of shifting it into something more casual.

Ideally you're dashing in a Mardu Scout on turn 2, playing an Elemental Bond on turn three, hardcasting a Warbringer on turn four, and killing them on turn five, with dashed creatures. (5 3-power creatures at 1 mana apiece + the warbringer, hits for around 18 damage. Goblin Heelcutter offers evasion.

The sideboard is largely against control. We can usually outrace combo, and give aggro decks a run for their money (we have no defense but a good offence, but not knowing what's going to crackle out of the sky next can keep opponents leaving creatures up as blockers.)

Against control we have Conclave Naturalists who can be recurred with Flamerush Rider for removal Impact Tremors and Crater's Claws for direct damage. (and Wild Slash to prevent prevention. The deck plays beautifully around board wipes, but our opponent has ample opportunity to counter anything we have as we cast it over and over.

our board wipe is Arcbond


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