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  • An odd deck but a pretty effective one if you ask me.
  • Tempting to have Freed from the Real for infinite mana, which could be used as a way to kill people with Walking Ballista
    Some decks run 3x Acidic Slime , 2x roaring primadoxes, 2x Cloudthresher is another card that is run sometimes, 2-4x Sakura-Tribe Elder is run in some decks as well. Spell wise some run 3x Plow Under and 3x Reclaiming Vines . Another card to consider is Carnage Tyrant and cards like that. As for the sideboard some run 3x Chameleon Colossus, 3x Creeping Corrosion 3x Guttural Response, 2x Leyline of Vitality, 2x Nature's Claim, and only 2x Scavenging Ooze. Thragtusk is another interesting card to try out.
    Mainboard has no plan for flyers except to never let them hit the board do to mana constraints, When you do fight decks like Modern Spirits use our handy enchantment Raking Canopy . So Cloudthresher isnt an appealing card to me at all. Scavenging Ooze wins games, it hurts decks that rely on the graveyard and we get bigger and in some cases more life. It hurts dredge, Izzet phoenix, and any deck that relies on creatures because we can exile them and gain life. 2 for me isn't enough. You see 3x copies of Rest in Peace in a lot of decks with white so I am using that as a model in a way. I am tempted to run more acidic slimes because they are versatile and trade well. I don't run as many land hate cards because even though that's our goal, we need cards that aren't dead when we do well. Stampeding Wildebeests is a hard card to decide if i need 1 or 2 beacuse it adds a lot to the deck but helps. Sakura-Tribe Elder is a neat card because it can add filtering to the deck, and there are combat tricks you can do with it, such as block sac. The only reason for Carnage Tyrant is for match-ups that are against counter magic, so that our deck can get a threat out easily. So it comes down to do I want a creature out or Guttural Response ? That will have to be done with experiments. I think if I need more artifact hate I should use acidic slime being it more versital, the only issue is that the deck relies on a lot on 5 drops.


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