Do you like storming of and killing your opponent with one spell? Do you like drawing you deck in one turn? Well do I have a deck for you.

In Temur "storm", thats exactly what you can do as early as turn five.

"How?" Well I'm glad you asked. All you need is Song of Creation and Storm-Kiln Artist and one of the many cantrips, then storm off for the win.

"But wait. I only have one mana how can I keep casting spells?" you say. Well with Song of Creation your drawing two cards for every spell cast, also getting to play a extra land a turn, Storm-Kiln Artist giving you a treasure for every spell you cast and copy, just cast one of your 19 one drop. Such as Faithless Looting drawing us 4 and discarding 2, Strike it Rich netting you two treasures and two cards, Opt to draw you three, scry one and get a treasure, Turn the Earth to reuse three cards from the yard, gain two life and net a treasure, Snakeskin Veil to protect our Artist, Play with Fire to deal with your opponents early creatures or just to send at their face to get in some early damage and to scry, and Fading Hope as a back up protection for the artist or to bounce an early creatue and scry. Need more card draw Think Twice got you. Need to put one more land into play Growth Spiral has you there.

"But how will I kill my opponent by just drawing my deck?" Well thats where Grapeshot shines. not only can it do alot of damage from casting so many spells it nets you treasures with every copy so you'll never run out of mana. Let's not forget about my man Ral, Storm Conduit adding one point of damage to every spell you cast and copy! Making the damage of every Grapeshot and other spells you cast do 1 extra damage.

"That seems like fun" It is, and a side board to help change your storm package to your liking. Would you rather gain a bunch of life? well Weather the Storm is the storm card for you. Facing down some artifacts? Then Ancient Grudge and You Find a Cursed Idol are your best friends. Are they swarming the borad with lots of little creatures? then let Anger of the Gods clear the board for you. need to remove a Planeswalker or enchament? Then You Come to a River will remove that obstacle for you.

Is in need of a few tweaks here and there but she runs smooth.

Any and all help would be appreciated


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