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The primary idea of the deck is to drop really big creatures early. By playing lots of 0 mana artifacts we can cast several spells a turn and consistently cast thrasta on turn 2. To do this, hold all your 0 mana artifacts in hand, then, when you have access to all of them, cast them and play thrasta for 2 mana. At best, the deck can power out both a thrasta and a salvage titan on turn one. You want to mulligan into salvage titan and/or thrasta aggressively.

When casting a salvage titan with more than three artifacts in play, I use this list to decide which ones to keep. Please note, when possible, always save your x cost artifacts like chimeric mass and briber's purse rather than sacrificing them to cast salvage titan. These artifacts have powerful effects that greatly help closing the game out quickly

(1 is best)

  1. Briber's Purse
  2. Chimeric Mass
  3. Mishra's Bauble
  4. Welding Jar (when you have salvage titan, otherwise, defer to number 3)
  5. Mox Amber
  6. Memnite
  7. Bone Saw
  8. Ornithopter

Sideboard guide

The best matchups are interactive and fair decks. Jund for example, is basically an unlosable matchup pre board. The worst matchup for this deck is definitely white decks playing Path to Exile . In these matchups, bring in all of the Not of This World and remove Ornithopter s. Whatever the matchup is, when you bring in Not of This World , prioritize keeping your Bone Saw in play so that you can equip Salvage Titan and protect it with Not of This World

Moving foward, I hope to find 3 things to help push this deck up in the metagame (for the sideboard).

  1. Cheap (mana) tribal hate (humans is this deck's absolute WORST matchup Reflector Mage and Meddling Mage are very good against us)
  2. Cheap tron hate (preferably a one drop, 2 drops in the side clog up the game plain very badly)

  3. Consistency

This last one is self-explanatory, the decks only way of ensuring an early threat is with mulligans, and somtimes that's just not good enough.

This deck is based on the "manaless titan affinity" deck created by my friend frisbro which can be found on the link below

Manaless Titan Affinity

overall, this deck is at least an upgrade to the mana less affinity deck as seen above, however, thats not exactly a high ceiling.

Maybeboard explain

Abundant Harvest as a potential cantrip-- helps us lower land count farther and be more consistent Commune with dinosaours, can turn an ok salvage titan hand into an excellent hand Gilded Goose accelerates us and we can use the food to cast Salvage Titan Tooth of Chiss-Goria is comprabable to bone saw, but more versatile and harder to cast consitently Herbal Poultice maybe replaces ornithoper as a 0 mana artifact

For players looking to buy this on a budget, you can get thrasta-less dinostorm for super cheap buy replacing Mox Amber , Mishra's Bauble and the expensive lands with Cathar's Shield , Accorder's Shield and so on. The sideboard can kinda be manipulated as you choose. (I mean literally, its %100 flexible)

This a work in progress!! Feel free to comment and upvote, I really appreciate the feedback. Keep in mind this isn't a budget deck so feel free to recommend whatever you want!


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-4 chancellor of the tangle + 4 abundant harvest


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