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Wrenn and Six Lands by Turn 3! Ft. Summer Bloom

Oathbreaker Land Destruction Loam Ramp RG (Gruul)



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Breaking Wrenn and Six

Wrenn and Six is an amazing lands- matter Oathbreaker with his +1, combined with the fact that he's the only other 2 mana planeswalker ever printed. This means we can usually play our oathbreaker, and subsequently the signature spell quicker than anyone on the table. Summer Bloom is insane in this deck, since we're running several lands that sacrifice themselves. Wrenn can fetch those back, allowing us to CONSISTENTLY play 4 lands on turn 3, giving us access to 7 untapped lands turn 4 once we play our land that turn!!

Okay, but can you win?

Oh yeah. At this point, Wrenn is less necessary in our plan. Just keep using the +1 for generic value unless you manage to find a use for the -1. Our goal at this point is to draw as many cards as possible to get to our biggest hitting spells, Wildfire and Destructive Force . If you manage to play one of these on turn 4 or 5, your victory is nearly assured. Nobody will have ramped as hard as you, and nobody can come back as fast as you. At this point, continue to +1 Wrenn and Six until you can get his ultimate off. Retrace, for those who dont remember, allows us to recast cards from our graveyard by discarding a land in addition to the card's regular mana costs. If you can't find those, we have plenty of big creatures to threaten life totals.


Titania, Protector of Argoth + Wildfire She may die, but she'll leave an army of 5/3 elementals in her wake. Life from the Loam + Summer Bloom Easy maths. Evolution Sage + ??? This card is just good. Was considering running Finale of Devastation as the signature spell just to grab this creature ASAP. Rude Awakening has potential to smash life totals if it can come around early enough, but it also can become a super big ramp card if you get W6's retrace emblem out. As long as you have a land to pitch in your hand ( Life from the Loam is your friend), you can continue tapping all your lands and playing this to get some hefty mana pools. Will require testing.


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