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So, I'm primarily a commander player. And I love it, to death. But Ive been looking to break into modern lately, mostly as a way of winning promos so my edh decks can have prettier cards (I was told early in my edh career that it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling) and my lgs has a modern tournament every week at fnm with fancy promos as the prize. So while trying to figure out how to get into modern without spending more than the value of the promos I'm trying to win, one of the guys at my lgs has a budget version of an 8 rack deck for trade. I grab that up. Now I have a modern deck. But it doesn't win. And I don't like losing. So I'm looking to upgrade the deck, but I want to stay in the 8 rack archetype to make sure I'm not going all in and building humans for example. So I've been reading alot of articles (mostly by Tom ross, the patron saint of 8 rak players) watched alot of videos, and this is the list I came up with. Its based very heavily off tom ross's deck list, but with a few modifications I made to deal with situations that I dont see how he wins against (Chalice of the void, for example) that said, I am still new to modern so if anybody who like legitimately plays this format can offer advice, I'd be most appreciative.


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