Do you like drawing and discarding? Do you like reanimating those cards you just discarded? The two best cards in the deck are Mercurial Chemister and Havengul Lich. No, it's not Deadeye Navigator. Why not? Because he draws you so much hate for a card that's pretty easily removed. Does it synergize very well with what the deck does? Of course. Just too well. Mercurial Chemister is sneakily good. Being able to draw when you're empty handed or discard a huge creature to kill something, so that you can reanimate with, say, I dunno, Havengul Lich? That's the Grixis I know and love.

Other cool synergies include the bounce lands (karoo's and lair), because you can stay on curve, and if you have to discard because of them, just dump some big dude. Buried Alive is a wicked awesome card. Dump Archeomancer to get it back later, and don't forget to throw Wonder and Anger in the yard.

Some cards to synergize with Sedris are Conjurer's Closet, Deadeye Navigator. Teferi's Veil, and Sundial of the Infinite, that is to say, they stop your creatures from being permanently exiled.


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