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Hello everyone!

So recently I've got the idea of bring to good use the BW infinite life combo, for who doen't know what I am talking about I suggest you to watch this episode of "Playing Pauper".

I do not plan to play this on MTGO but rather at my LGS weekly tournament (yes here in Italy pauper is really relevant), so it's not this hard to stack triggers ^^.

Apart from the missing sideboard which I'm used to change according to the expected meta, I really need some help to find win conditions! Yes I have pestilence, yes I have that fancy new enchantment but there are times where they cannot just remain in play and it's then a matter about who's got more cards in the deck.

I want to try out the Kor Skyfisher + Mortuary Mire cycle but it's still not enough imo. Onyx Goblet could be too vulnerable too.

So do you have any suggestion? Consider that most of the times I have the whole time in the world to assemble a possibile win condition in hand. Right now there are 3/4 slots that I can dedicate to it as I'm testing a 70 cards version with gitaxian probes, night's whisper and 3 more lands to avoid losing for having less card than the opponent and not to weight too much on the chances to draw combo pieces.

Thank you all, I'm eager to read your comments!

(Forgive my poor english!)


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