I'm trying to make the best eldrazi aggro deck I can in pioneer. My biggest challenge with this current build is the mana base. Not sure how consistently I will be able to have the mana for my things. Thats what I need most help with. Other than that if there are any more synergistic cards you know of to make this run as smoothly as possible I'd love to hear suggestions. The game plan is pretty clear. Stomp on their face from a different plane of existence. Elves are there to get to big bois fast. Big bois are there to be big. Domri and rhythm add some stats while also making it harder for control decks to stop us. And henge helps us keep the gas pumping. Want to playtest more before starting up a sideboard, but if you have any suggestions let me know.


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So Ive found I die to aggro decks too easily. So I added bonecrushers to keep me alive early game, as well as embercleave to make the clock even faster. Embercleave also makes singular threats more potent to help in midrange and control matchups. I think the deck is getting close to where I want it. Rhythm, domri, and mimic were all too clunky with the stronger game plans of the deck, and I think the deck should run very smoothly now. Hoping to get some good playtesting in these next few weeks and see if it can really perform and also develop a sideboard.


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