When bears land in a bare land, when does that land become a bear?

Ayula + her influence + loom = bear beatdown

Ayula's Loamfluence? Selesnya Bearlands? Modern Bear Stompy? Bear Force Loam?

This list has changed significantly. I swapped red for white which let us run Path to Exile and Knight of the Reliquary . Knight is an all-star here and with the testing I have done so far it is much more than a plan B. I tried a plan with Mana dorks and extra land dorks, but they did not feel like it consistently made the deck better. So I decided to go with Elvish Reclaimer who is a 3/4 pretty quick, providing a nice early clock which relevantly is out of bolt range. This list is a pretty fair deck, which is probably a little slow against the better less interactive decks so I am still considering all of my options.

Thinking about matchups-

  • Best: fair decks, creature based decks, dredge

  • 50/50: tron, maybe control, maybe urza, amulet titan

  • Worst: maybe burn, neoform

Thoughts here?

Still thinking about a G/B list with Raven's Crime , Thoughtseize , and Inquisition of Kozilek . Would also let us run more versatile disruption in Assassin's Trophy and Abrupt Decay

Just trying to settle on a list, so any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks


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