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Sephara's Flurry of Wings

Commander / EDH Mono-White



No slow angel theme here, focused on 1-3cmc weenies to get sephara out as fast as possible. I noticed most of the other Sephara decks on here (like 90%) have an angel theme but with mono white it is so slow you end up being able to hard cast sephara before having 4 flyers.

The deck plays out well and once i have 4 flyers and sephara out it works best to sit with any extras in your just in case. Sublime Archangel works fantastic in here as the weenies are so weak. Duelist's Heritage is another great piece and a good political tool as you can give any one attacking creature double strike. i usually build heavy combo based decks but can't do much combo here in mono white so this was a nice change.

Low average cmc because mono white lol


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