This is the first deck I have from scratch created in Commander.

Currently this deck is super simple.

  1. Get 7 mana.
  2. Get Tiamat.
  3. Swing with Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient (11 mana including Tiamat), and use Ramos, Dragon Engine to get the other dragons out.
  4. Murderate with finishers like Atarka, World Render, Kilnmouth Dragon (After tiamat I have 4 in hand minimum), Utvara Hellkite, and Lozhan, Dragons' Legacy

I tried to get a lot of board wipes, combat tricks, counters, and ramp WITH dragons, so that my dragons may beget dragons.

I am on a budget, and am not looking to spend more than 1$ on any particular card unless it's a keystone, and even then 20 is too high and anything not a dragon is probably not something I would spend on if there's a budget alternative. (If anything like that is in here I probably already owned it)


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