Prmial Surge Stax Deck

Do you hate your playgroup? Do you hate fun? Then try this deck! It is sure to disappoint all your friends when they can't do anything or they die from just playing the game.

"Oi! That was too close. We need to smash our way outta here," - Ruric

"Oh, sure, that's your answer to everything. We need a strategy." - Thar

Ruric Thar

  • Primal Surge: Ever wanted to play every single card in your deck in one game? Now you can! If Primal Surge resolves you are guaranteed to win even if your opponents are trying to interact with your board or trying to force you to draw cards, etc.
  • Stax: The most important thing about piloting this deck is making sure to get the right stax piece out as early as possible. Dropping a turn 2 Magus of the Moon or Collector Ouphe can give you enough time to establish a solid boardstate and lock out your opponents. This can be it's own win condition but it is also important to help prevent your opponents from interacting with the other win conditions as well.
  • Infect: Attach Grafted Exoskeleton to Ruric Thar, the Unbowed or any of the creatures in the damage category and your opponents will be on a short clock.
  • Burn: I don't mean burn in the traditional sense of casting sorceries like Lightning Bolt to whittle down the opponent. In this deck many cards deal direct damage when certain conditions are met. Some of these cards are meant to slow down the opponent or whittle them down slowly while others can win the game in a single turn. With a damage doubler out Ruric Thar, the Unbowed will deal 12 damage to a player when they cast a noncreature spell and I can force them to cast spells with cards such as Possibility Storm and Omen Machine . This can backfire but with such a high creature count in this deck it is more likely they will die first.
  • Advantage: Cards that draw me more cards, give, evasion, or don't fit into the other categories.
  • Damage: Cards that deal direct damage to whittle down the opponents or increase the amount of damage dealt.
  • Finishers: These are cards used in finishing strategies. There are many more cards in the deck that will assist with this.
  • Land: You guessed it, lands.
  • Lifelink: Giving RT lifelink will negate the damage he does to me when I cast a non-creature spell.
  • Protection: These protect my board state and/or creatures. Most of these are in here to help against this decks biggest weakness, removal and counterspells.
  • Ramp: Cards that let me cast things sooner by putting lands onto the battlefield, tapping for mana, or increasing the amount of mana I can tap for.
  • Recursion: These get stuff back from the graveyard.
  • Removal: Cards to get rid of threats.
  • Sac_Outlet: These are needed to protect against certain play lines such as mass exile or if I just need to sac all my dudes while Stalking Vengeance is out to deal direct damage due to a pesky Ghostly Prison or Propaganda .
  • Stax: These slow down the game, prevent something from happening, or deny resources. These can lock out some opponents completely depending on their deck.
  • Tutors: Cards that get me what I need, when I need it.
This is the growing list of commanders who have been stomped into jam by Ruric Thar, the Unbowed !

This deck is completely overhauled from its previous version and has not been tested yet. Testing starts 5/14/2021!

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