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Flying Voltronic Pillows of the Azorius

Commander / EDH Angels Pillow Fort Voltron WU (Azorius)


PLEASE VOTE-Angel semi-Tribal


Commanded interchangeably by: Grand Arbiter Augustin it Geist of Saint Traft. Depending on the mood of many relentless Angels of their army.....

THERE WILL BE LAW, THERE WILL BE ORDER.---------"To render the justice of the war on our part the more conspicuous, the reluctance to commence it was followed by the earliest and strongest manifestations of a disposition to arrest its progress. The sword was scarcely out of the scabbard before the enemy was apprised of the reasonable terms on which it would be resheathed. Still more precise advances were repeated, and have been received in a spirit forbidding every reliance not placed on the military resources of the nation."

This is my first control/PF deck. Testing/Modifying this deck now. Using this as my sole deck to learn the format for now.


Overall I'd love to have card price average to be $1.50-3.00 overall ($200-300 in total value).

Any suggestions on how to improve my deck is most welcomed.

Basic control/Voltron/PF:- Board wipes, spot removal, illusion, artifacts/enchantments, land Ramps, arrests, counters, and attack/spell taxes. And a semi heavy angel theme with the token generators to back it.

PLEASE VOTE!!I always Vote Back!!

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