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TLDR: Hybrid of a young pyromancer + risen reef combo deck with krark's thumb. With Wish added for a tool box utility and combo protection.

My brother and I recently started magic together on TTS, and after a few draft games we wanted to play some constructed modern games. I always wanted to try to build a coin flip deck and my brother is new to modern magic and constructed decks so I didnt want to build anything too sweaty. After a few playtest with some of the flip cards i felt like it was a little too slow, but it was instant/sorcery heavy so I thought about adding Young Pyromancer cause at the very least it could give me a better boardstate and naturally that meant adding in some Snapcaster mages too. After playtesting the new mix of young pyromancer and Krark's thumb I enjoyed it but always found myself wanting to have more draws. Thats when I found the crazy synergy that Risen Reef and Young pyromancer have (And Molten Birth). And so I splashed some green lands in my deck and added a set of Manamorphose (which is great for procing Young Pyromancer, and mana fixing) When I went back to playtesting I had hit a great combo chain with young pyromancer and Risen Reef but the useless lands that were coming in was irritating, so I added Amulet of Vigor to help break that combo a little easier.(Also does some crazy stupid stuff when there are two copies out which I still dont understand why it works that way)

I always had the card Wish in mind building this too, and that has helped a bunch in many games, So far the mvp's of my wishboard have been Obelisk Of Urd, Omnath,Locus of the Roil, and Burn at the Stake. Obelisk of Urd literally saved me against a turn 4 loss against a cheated out Emurkul, but other than that I feel like my sideboard could use some help, and any other recommendations to the mainboard would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and have fun flipping your opponents off :)


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