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Tawnos, the Toymaker

Came across this commander and realized how broken this is with such a well established tribe. This commander slaps hard even as a budget. Looking for feedback on even more synergy.

I got a ton of the following core themes

ramp, 2 land cards that ramp, and tons of cheap mana rocks
removal, enough to see it each game. No land hate, or wipes in the build.
Draw, Most of it is reusable, and efficient to trigger. Much of it is in the creatures.

Mutate effects when stacked on the same permanent give 3x the ability written
Some of the best cards ive come across are
Spinebiter is a quick killing card.
Trumpeting Gnarr puts 12 power and toughness on the field
Chromeshell Crab nets you two different creatures from the opponent. Taking the commander is brutal.


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