I'm trying to make a heavy control deck where I can pull huge creatures out of my graveyard at the discounted cost of Gravewaker and Doomed Necromancer . My main goal is to stop my opponent from establishing any kind of board state until I can get my large creatures out. I want a lot of card draw so I can discard my large creatures, recurring them later on when I have the manna. It is important that i get to choose what goes into the graveyard to ensure that I don't loose access to my counter spells, they are the only way for me to survive long enough in a match. my goal was to stay under $20 and that was a success. Now I am looking for ways to improve this deck, mostly I want to add bigger and scarier creatures. I am willing to sink an additional $10 into the deck for the time being. I'll probably only play it casually but if I can make it standard that'd be really neat.


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