So Trying Casually EDH asked me to come back on their streaming channel. Of course I always ask "Is there a theme?" " Should I bring a certain kind of deck?" just to see what streaming experience they are going for.

Well they decided to troll me with 6 CMC tribal. yes. Every card. In the deck. Must be CMC. Our good friend Tomer from MTGGoldfish has done this from time to time, but I decided to take it slightly different direction.

Enter Ziatora, the Incinerator! We are trying to leverage cheap creature tokens to help Ziatora end step trigger with making 3 treasures (aka reducing our first spell on our turn by 3 mana... hopefully). We needed more though, so leveraging any type of ramp that can cheese its way into 6 CMC tribal (cycle effects, reduced per number of opponents, split cards, basically anything with an alt casting cost).

We do have a bunch of interaction with some board sweepers, targeted ETB removal and protection for our over-costed creatures.

To close out the game it is pretty boring. Just smashing face with most being 5+ power. Just seems to get the job done.

This is a total meme deck so not sure if we will actually buy the cards to keep around IRL, but there will be some staples in here that we want for our collection for sure!

hope you enjoy the deck and be sure to check our episoide discussing the deck here.


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