I was just messing around with a pure Myr deck and came up with this. Maybe it's good?

The point of the deck is to use Genesis Chamber or Myr Matrix to produce Myr tokens.

With enough permanents in play, Blinkmoth Urn + Everflowing Chalice + Myr Matrix can produce enough Myr tokens to be lethal all at once.

Multiple Genesis Chamber + Myr Turbine can play Myr Superion or Myr Battlesphere for free while also producing multiple Myr tokens.

Once any Myr Superion are on the battlefield, the mana Myrs can all be used to pump out more Myr tokens from the Myr Matrix.

And you'll be able make as many tokens as possible on the opponent's end step if Unwinding Clock is in play.

Maybeboard pretty much doubles the price of the deck. Swap out Feldon's Cane and Fountain of Renewal.


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