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Oathbreaker Deck using Chandra, Acolyte of Flame. Signature Spell is Volt Charge.

The goal of the deck is pretty simple. Burn the opponent out, be it via actual burn spells or the abilities of some of my Chandra Planeswalkers. To this end, the first and third abilities of Acolyte of Flame are pretty important here, since the former can help build the other Chandras up to their ultimates, while the latter can allow for the re-casting of burn spells, preferably while one of the damage boosters (Fire Servant, Jaya, and Pyromancers Gauntlet) are in play.

Volt Charge's role here is pretty obvious, since it works as both a burn spell and as a source of counters for the planeswalkers.

There is a third means of trying to win, and that's via tokens generated by Hostility and Young Pyromancer. However, these tokens also function as blockers so... depending on the game, they'll fill whatever role is needed at the time.

Finally, there's also Guttersnipe, Electrostatic Field, and Firebrand Archer. I don't exactly see them winning the game for me singlehandedly, but they should hopefully whittle my foes down to a point where I can knock them out with something more... potent.


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