Like any bogles deck, this deck seeks to power up hexproof creatures to swing in for immense damage! With the inclusion of blue, we gain a close to strictly better Keen Sense in Curious Obsession , and the ublockable Invisible Stalker to put it on! Curious Obsession perfectly synergizes with evasion, which is why we're still playing 6 evasive enchantments in Gryff's Boon and Rancor both of which can come back from graveyards, helping grind out longer matches. Speaking of longer matches, with blue we also gain the best control this deck could hope for in Stubborn Denial !

In my opinion the interactivity and control gained through Stubborn Denial alone makes this deck far more fun to play than any GW Bogles deck. Not to mention, that control gives our Bant Bogles newfound momentum against many matchups GW struggles with. Fast combo-decks specifically, which have recently been gaining momentum throughout the format.

Geist of Saint Traft is another great new blue addition to this deck! Bogles is a very low curve deck, that can't afford to swap out aura's for more lands. Luckily it's not strictly necessary to play Geist on turn 3, because even without aura's attached, he, with his flier, swings in for 6! I believe Curious Obsession is actually efficient enough to make the switch from Kor Spiritdancer to Geist of Saint Traft worthwhile. On top of that having more hexproof threats in our deck makes us more resilient in the face of sacrafice effects as well as discard effects.

If you're looking to speed the deck up, you can swap out the 2 Geist of Saint Traft for 2 Gladecover Scout , then switch 1 land and 2 Stubborn Denial for 3 Unstable Mutation , shifting the deck more towards it's low-to-the-ground aggro foundations. These subtle changes might make the difference in an increasingly fast Modern meta-game.


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