This deck is not only themed around Time Magic, its a power level 8 CEDH Mono Blue Deck as well. The fun factor of this deck is extremely high for the user and extremely aggravating for opponents. Your opponents basically just watch you play magic when you take extra/infinite turns.

The deck also has a ton of interaction as any mono blue deck should to shut down opponents and ensure your combos go through.

I have gone through 20ish or so revisions of this deck and made a lot of tough cuts to optimize this deck. I almost always win in a 4 player game with this deck, even against the power level 10 decks. The win con is obscure enough to sneak under people's threat assessment radar if they're not paying extra close attention.

As usual I am open to suggestions granted you back them up with sound logic. Primer listed below. Enjoy!

1. God-Eternal Kefnet

Kefnet is a modest 4 drop and extremely resilient to commander taxes. This becomes even more so the case when you consider the deck is very good at drawing cards and pulling them to the top of the deck. Most of the time you can generally pull Kefnet back to your hand the same turn or next turn you get rather easily. This eliminates needing Lightning Grieves or Swiftfoot Boots.

The primary win con for this list is to copy a turn spell off the top of the deck and place the original turn spell back on the top of the deck using Scroll RacK OR Jace the Mind Sculptor thus giving you infinite turns, granted your opponents can't remove your commander or method of top deck manipulation.

Even when not going infinite turns, you can get some pretty good value off of Kefnet's ability, whether it be card draw, creature removal etc.

Lastly. Kefnet's ability works on alternate costs such as Cyclonic Rift and Kefnet's ability can be activated during an opponent's turn, granted it's the first card you've draw that turn. Kefnet's ability will also ignore timing restrictions, meaning you can cast turn spells and other sorcery cards on an opponent's turn as well. It's also pretty comical when someone plays a spell on their turn, doesn't pay the 1 for Rhystic Study , and you reveal a counter spell, copy it and counter their spell.

2. Scroll Rack

The primary combo piece to use in conjunction with Kefnet to pull off the infinite turns combo (See Kefnet strategy). The card however is extremely powerful in its own right. As long as you got 2 mana and a scroll rack, you can generally keep a bad hand a effectively draw a new 7 cards. Your odds are pretty good your hand will be salvageable, especially if you couple this with a shuffle effect to get another new set of cards on your next turn. This will be the primary card that will allow Kefnet to copy spells with any consistency. Keep in mind you can activate Scroll Rack prior to your draw step if need be.

Please note you do not actually "draw" cards when using Scroll Rack.

3. Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Can be used as a combo piece in lieu of Scroll Rack. Just be aware that walkers in EDH are generally easily removed. Would only advise using if you can string extra turns together and go from there or keep it protected with creatures.

1. Nexus of Fate

This is one of several turn spells we have at our disposal with a few extra insurances built into it. It offers some protection from losing to mill outright. In fact, as long as you have the mana to cast it, you shouldn't ever lose the game to mill, due to having infinite turns. Because it's almost impossible to lose this card means you will always have a turn spell available to pull off the infinite combo. Few bonuses on the side is that it creates a shuffle effect and it's the only turn spell that can be played at instant speed.

2. Capture of Jingzhou

One of our premier turn spells. Only costs 5 cmc and doesn't need a target.

3. Expropriate

This card basically will almost always turn the game to your favor in a 4-player game and will often times win the game outright. You'll either be taking a lot of extra turns or taking your opponent's most prized permanents.

4. Karn's Temporal Sundering

Infinite turns doesn't do us any good if our opponents have a wall of creatures you can't get through, a permanent that's draining our life every upkeep or just a permanent that's stopping us from killing them outright. This card remedies that problem by bouncing problem cards off the field. A word of caution however; because this is a "Legendary Sorcery" you need to control a legendary creature or planeswalker to cast it. Generally, your commander is going to be the solution to this. Your opponents may be holding up a kill spell that will turn this into a dead card once they see what you're doing. They may let you take a extra turn here or there because you're likely also bouncing problem cards for them as well.

If time and threat level dictates, grab a "safer" turn spell to test the waters and if you're going infinite, you'll be netting +1 cards per turn anyway. Eventually you'll get the answer you need. Slow and steady wins the race and often times your opponents will concede when you explain the lock you have on the game.

5. Temporal Manipulation

Another 5 cmc turn spell that doesn't target. Perfect.

6. Temporal Mastery

A great card because of its miracle cost and the amount of top deck manipulation in the deck. One neat trick you can do, if turn spells in your hand are plentiful, is copy this with Kefnet for 5 cmc and hard cast the actual card for 2 cmc. This will net you 2 turns for 7 cmc and because they are 2 separate spells, it will increase the odds you get at least one of those turns through without getting countered.

7. Time Stretch

Very devastating to your opponents if you pull it off. It does however require a target, its very unfortunate if someone manages to change the target of this spell. Sometimes two turns is exactly what you need to pull yourself out of a rut as where one extra turn simply won't do. Casting this spell isn't too difficult with cards like God-Eternal Kefnet , Sapphire Medallion , Caged Sun and Extraplanar Lens .

8. Time Warp

Good because it's only 5 cmc, potentially bad if someone changes the target, but that's why we have counter spells. Still a good card.

1. Brainstorm

Since this deck thrives on manipulating the top deck for our commander, This card was an obvious choice. Solid cantrip to boot.

2. Mystical Tutor

Probably the best tutor for this deck since we want top deck manipulation. The best way to utilize this card is going to be at an opponent's end step right before your untap. In an optimal situation, you're going to tutor a turn spell to the top if you have Kefnet on the field so you can get an extra turn or two. (if you also decide to hard cast the turn spell you're drawing) Tutoring a turn spell to the top of your deck too early will entice your opponents to try to find a way to stop it. Hold it up until your opponent's EOT right before you untap.

If Kefnet isn't on the field, there are still good uses for this card. Pull Temporal Mastery to the top to play catch up or tutor Silundi Vision   / Sea Gate Restoration   if you're getting mana screwed.

3. Narset's Reversal

This card can be tricky business for your opponents when the stack is involved. Here are its 3 primary uses.

a.) Use it on a nasty spell an opponent is casting against you to stick it to them. Especially useful if they don't have the mana to recast. Also good for copying ramp, tutor and draw card spells.

b.) When an opponent attempts to counter a spell of yours, simply target your own spell with this card and not only get your spell to go through, but now you get to keep the card as well.

c.) If your opponents countering your turn spells isn't likely, simply hold priority and reversal your own turn spell so you can take an extra turn AND keep the turn spell in hand.

4. Twincast

Can be extremely powerful is coupled with something like a turn spell, especially turn spells like Time Stretch and Expropriate . Secondly, you can use it to copy the spell in response if someone attempts to counter it, or simply copy a useful spell of an opponents.

5. Fabricate

In situations where we have enough mana on hand, it's generally a good idea to grab Scroll Rack which is a combo piece for infinite turns. (See Kefnet strategy) Otherwise grab the mana rock of your choice. If you need cards, grab Midnight Clock or Hedron Archive . Sensei's Divining Top is also a solid choice.

6. Merchant Scroll

This card can actually net you the turn spell Nexus of Fate which is convenient if you have your other combo pieces in play. It can also be used to get you a trusty counter spell, draw card spell or the infamous Cyclonic Rift .

7. Personal Tutor

A solid top deck manipulation card, unfortunately it's sorcery speed and unless you're already taking an extra turn, it makes you a target for the next 3 turns if you grab something "too good". So unless you're already taking an extra turn or grabbing a meager spell, I'd generally hold off on using it. Granted you're in no dire emergency, otherwise you're seriously rolling the dice.

8. Ponder

Nets you a card, manipulates the top deck or shuffles the deck if you have nothing useful coming up.

9. Preordain

Manipulates the top deck and nets a card.

10. Serum Visions

Nets a card and allows you to manipulate the top deck.

11. Telling Time

A solid cantrip that nets a card and allows you to manipulate the top deck for your commander.

12. Search for Azcanta  

In either form (flipped or not) this card is extremely good for this deck. For the low cost of 2 cmc it gives us the opportunity to copy something worthwhile with Kefnet if we come up empty on the first card. I would still say this card is still superior in its flipped form however.

13. Shark Typhoon

This card is this deck's auxiliary win con. The amount of flying sharks you can produce in a very short amount of time is impressive. I will admit this is probably the most fun way to win. If desperate for card draw or a strategic block, this card can also be cycled as well.

14. Teferi's Ageless Insight

This card really turns the card advantage on. Every card you draw past the first is doubled. Cards like Jace, the Mind Sculptor , Teferi, Master of Time and Brainstorm especially shine in conjunction with this card.

15. Sensei's Divining Top

Not as powerful as Scroll Rack, top is still pretty formidable in its own right. While it can't loop spells infinitely, it can give you some pretty good measure on what spells Kefnet will be able to copy and give you significant board advantage. Having a shuffle effect to clear out a bad 3 cards with top is also a good idea if you can manage it. Generally its desirable to use at an opponent's EOT prior to your untap step, but if tapped out from the previous turn, you can still use top prior to your draw step and therefore, choose what Kefnet copies prior to the draw trigger.

One neat combat trick it to pull a counter spell to the top (especially a free one) wait for an opponent to cast a meaningful spell on a turn where you haven't drawn a card, activate top's draw ability and Kefnet will copy the counter spell allowing you to counter and keep the actual counter spell in your hand.

16. Academy Ruins

Considering we have a lot of useful artifacts and one that serves as a combo piece; being able to retrieve your artifacts is pretty important.

17. Castle Vantress

This card shines late game if you're top decking with tons of mana and nothing to spend it on. It will give Kefnet a decent chance to copy something useful and bring you back from a tight spot.

18. Mystic Sanctuary

This land is pretty insane in this deck. It becomes extremely useful when you can pull a turn spell from grave or any much needed card back to the top for Kefnet to copy.

1. Consecrated Sphinx

It's pretty obvious why this card is good. The card wins games on its own if not answered. Even if removed, if it's allowed to live a couple of turns, then it's done it job. This card becomes exceptionally optimal with Time Spiral

2. Snapcaster Mage

This card is almost good in any format for again, obvious reasons. A versatile body that lets you recast that turn spell or counter you desperately need. What's not to like?

3. Blue Sun's Zenith

Is a top choice card to gain card advantage for this deck. The optimal play is to use it at EOT of an opponent. Even if other blue decks are wanting to counter it, they may think twice to avoid getting baited when you untap and potentially play a turn spell with Kefnet on your draw step. Not only that, but if you top deck this sucker with Kefnet and copy it, you're going to draw a free 2 cards off Kef's ability and keep the original spell to boot.

Also consider this spell shuffles back into the deck and you can always tutor it to the top to copy with Kefnet.

4. Dig Through Time

Another CA powerhouse. Late game "find an answer" for 2cmc at instant speed. Nice!

5. Silundi Vision  

One of the more underrated cards in my opinion, this card can be a land when you need it to be or a spell otherwise. Because this deck runs mostly off instants and sorceries, this card will generally get you an answer of some stripe that you need. The fact it's an instant is also great. Copying this spell with Kefnet for 1 mana is also pretty powerful.

6. Sea Gate Restoration  

Can be played as a land if you are getting mana screwed, but I would strongly suggest casting the spell if you can. You can very likely cast this for only 5cmc off of Kefnet and the no max hand size is a nice touch. Very versatile card advantage spell.

7. Time Spiral

This card is basically a safety net for the deck. It will reset the damage from a mill player, can be combo with Consecrated Sphinx netting you a fuck ton of cards and it can simply refill your hand if you're not running into any draw card spells while un-tapping your lands in the process. Like with any untap lands effects, you can net mana this way if you have a mana doubler on the field.

8. Mystic Remora

Optimal to play on T2 or T1 if you're going last. It's worth at least keeping around for 2 full turns of the board.

9. Rhystic Study

Very dangerous in the hands of a mono blue player, this card can win games through attrition if not dealt with. You'll generally want to ensure this hits the battle field ASAP. The less mana people have available early game, the greater your odds of drawing cards, generally when your opponents are setting up their mana rocks etc.

10. Teferi, Master of Time

I only suggest this walker because he is only 4 cmc and can be activated on each turn. Teferi can see a lot of cards relatively quickly as well as protect himself to some degree. If you can keep him protected for 2 full rotations or possibly sooner (if you're casting turn spells) his ult can buy you a ton of time to give you significant board advantage or position you to win the game. There are times you will find you are playing him to take a dangerous creature out of play for a full rotation.

11. Midnight Clock

This is a pretty neat mana rock for the simple fact it can wheel your hand. You generally have to sequence the cards in your hand to decide if this is or isn't worth playing. Last thing you want to do is wheel away an awesome hand. You can also hasten its wheel effect by adding counters to it by spending mana. I would only do this if you have unused mana at an opponents EOT. Even if you have nothing good to use the unspent mana on, you don't have to let your opponents know that, so hold on doing this until the EOT right before your untap phase. Use discretion by thinking ahead because this card can screw you at times. Also note this mana rock is only temporary, it does self exile after it gets its 12th counter.

In the event the wheel trigger gets countered when the 12th counter is placed, the clock will not wheel your hand or self exile when additional counters are placed on it after the 12th counter. It will continue to accumulate counters that never actually do anything, in which case you just have a 3 cmc mana rock the rest of the game.

12. War Room

This card is optimal in mono color decks because it only requires we pay 1 life. Great when you have free mana or you're in top deck mode.

1. AEtherize

This is on of our "oh shit" buttons and its going to blow some asshole back to the stone age if they attempt to aggro you with their army of creatures or even a particularly single annoying creature.

2. Cryptic Command

Utility counter spell. This spell also becomes particularly useful when you enter the infinite turns phase of your game plan and need to tap your opponents wall of creatures down, so you can actually win the game by inflicting damage with your creatures.

3. Cyclonic Rift

The mac daddy of all "go fuck yourself cards" this card has been known to end games and outright shut opponents down, especially those who decks that shit out tokens. It will also do you the courtesy of retrieving any permanents of yours some asshole stole. This card should be in every blue deck.

4. Mystic Confluence

The ultimate utility counter spell.

5. Hedron Archive

A versatile rock that will help you out mana wise mid game and draw you cards late game when you have plenty of mana.

6. Venser's Journal

This may seem like an odd choice to some, but sometimes we need a way to gain life if we are killing people the slow way with infinite turns and we have a Mana Crypt or some other effect that's damaging us consistently. I can't tell you how many times opponents had me "play it out" on infinite turns just to watch me get unlucky and die to my own crypt before I can effectively kill 3 people with commander damage. Not a good feeling at all. Because this deck draws and tutors lots of cards, you shouldn't have much issue getting this in play when you need it. The fact this deck draws lots of cards extremely well also means you will be gaining a ton of life in conjunction with extra turns.

7. Fabled Passage

Decent fetch that that forces a shuffle effect.

8. Myriad Landscape

A decent land that can get you a small amount of ramp. Also provides a shuffle effect.

9. Prismatic Vista

Good fetch card with a shuffle effect.

10. Reliquary Tower

In a deck that draws and draws and draws, the importance of no maximum hand size cannot be understated.

11. Thawing Glaciers

Not only will this land keep you from getting mana screwed, it forces a shuffle effect when you need it to. A neat trick to do is to activate its ability, get a land and untap it using ( Rewind Unwind or Time Spiral ) to untap it and use its ability again to get another land before your clean-up step.

12. Tolaria West

Generally this is a good way to get Mana Crypt early on. But it can also net you Pact of Negation or other utility lands.

13. Vesuva

Card can be extremely good or mediocre. At worst its going to be a snow covered island that enters tapped. Keep in mind it can copy ANY land, including your opponent's lands. The possibilities are many with this card.

1. Counterspell

Standard counter magic.

2. Delay

Suspend may not seem like much, but in CEDH 3 turns is a long time. Giving 3 opponents, 3 turns to come up with an answer for a spell that's on suspend is pretty doable. Low cmc and using it to counter a counter is just as good as hard countering.

Also note that suspend really hurts those decks that utilize their graveyard frequently.

3. Discontinuity

C-C-C- COMBO BREAKER!!! This card will stop combo players dead in their tracks. Nothing is funnier than watching someone do a lot of math and steps just so you can slam this card and say "not today fuck face". This card will time and time again stop you from losing the game. Just so long as it doesn't get countered. You will rarely use its reduction cost, but sometimes you may need to in nuanced situations.

4. Fierce Guardianship

In a deck that needs its commander for the primary win con, I cannot stress this card's value. Free is always good.

5. Force of Negation

Free is good. especially when you're tapped out.

6. Force of Will

See comment above.

7. Mana Drain

The best counter spell in MTG. Counters and sets you up for your next big play.

8. Pact of Negation

Free counter magic is always good, just be careful you don't kill yourself with it.

9. Pongify

In the color pie, blue doesn't run a lot of hard removal effects. So it's nice to come across one that costs only 1 cmc. Sure they get a 3/3, but it's nothing your commander can't handle.

10. Rapid Hybridization

Basically a second copy of Pongify. The difference between green ape and green lizard will almost never come into play.

11. Rewind

As long as this bad boy doesn't get countered, it's basically a free counter spell. If you have a mana doubler of sorts, it can actually net you extra mana. Plus it goes with the theme of the deck.

12. Time Stop

Basically a second copy of Discontinuity, it just lacks the reduction cost. There aren't near enough combo breaker spells, so a second one is nice.

13.. Unwind

Similar to Rewind except it costs 1 cmc less and only counters non-creature spells.

1. Arcane Signet

Best "regular" 2 cmc mana rock. Doesn't come in tapped.

2. Caged Sun

A mana doubler that will also boost all of your creatures strength as a nice little bonus.

3. Coldsteel Heart

A relatively average rock, there is nuanced situations where you could make it tap for a color other than blue to activate a creature's ability that you end up stealing with Expropriate

4. Extraplanar Lens

A low cost mana doubler that mostly benefits mono color decks that run a lot of basic lands. (This deck) We run all Snow-Covered Island because most of the time your opponents will run just regular islands. Therefore, this will prevent giving your opponents access to double mana.

5. Grim Monolith

This mana rock will generally allow you to slam your big threats early. Its also particularly useful because you can untap it at an opponents EOT with your unused mana.

6. Jeweled Lotus

Yes this rock will potentially let you play your commander on T1. Kefnet however doesn't really benefit you early because the lack of mana and the spells you are capable of copying. You will have to make a judgment call based off the decks you suspect your opponents are running and what you have in your hand. If you're up against another counter magic deck, it is probably best to slam Kefnet early to reduce the chances he gets countered. Likewise, if you suspect your opponents are running heavy creature removal, its best to hold off on casting your commander until you can better protect it or copy worthwhile spells. Regardless you should play the rock and let it sit on the field until you're ready to use it. Your hand is more likely to get wheeled than an opponent wanting to pop your lotus.

7. Mana Crypt

One of the best rocks you could possibly run. Lets you get board advantage at a much faster pace. The downside is generally negligible. I would advise sticking to either heads or tails every time so you don't risk your damage ratio going over 50%.

8. Mana Vault

Same concept as Grim Monolith except it costs 1 cmc less. The downside is you only have one opportunity during your turn to untap it or take 1 damage. Generally this isn't a big deal early on but can turn into a problem if your opponents have decided you're the person to attack. Otherwise its not generally desirable to untap until you get to a point where you cannot advance your board state with significance.

9. Sapphire Medallion

Useful reducer for a mono blue deck.

10. Sky Diamond

Standard blue mana rock.

11. Sol Ring

Staple mana rock for just about every EDH deck.


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