I fell in love Biogenic Ooze so I built a deck around it.

It utilizes Quasiduplicate and the new RNA card Replicate (I don't know how to bracket dual cards, sorry).

I use Wilderness Reclamation to make more oozes faster.

Adding Zegana, Utopian Speaker pushes the deck over the top giving all my Oozes trample and she herself becomes an 8/8 with trample.

I also added a few ramps like Incubation Druid , Growth Spiral , and Growing Rites of Itlimoc  .

I threw in some control via Blink of an Eye , Root Snare , and Frilled Mystic .

This is a killer deck that I am very happy with, but help/advice is always welcome!


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I did a small rebuild. I added more control, some card draw, and Simic Ascendancy. Now, it finally plays like I want it to. I built this deck on MTGA and I went 6-3 twice (out of 2 events).


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