The Mimeoplasm is a radioactive Wizard of Ooze whose gelatinous depths are streaked through with cunning green combos, blue spell-sliming counterspells, and resilient black necromancy. The signature magic of this monster is copying creatures from graveyards in lethal combinations.

Now featuring The Wizard of Barge art from the Prime Slime Secret Lair drop!

  • You enjoy being able to take advantage of all zones of play, especially the graveyard.
  • You like a commander that gives you a lot of utility, but can also serve as a wincon.
  • You like to use many of the most powerful cards in the format to draw, ramp, reanimate, counter, and tutor.
  • You’re looking for a deck that combos off as quickly as possible.
  • You enjoy a resilient deck that has many lines of play.
  • You like having a Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur on turn 2.
  • Your meta is filled with graveyard hate.
  • You don’t like using staple cards.
  • You prefer to cast your commander in every game.
  • You are on a budget.
  • You don't want to win with a combo.
  • You want to win through traditional creature combat.
  • You dislike slime.

Most games involve interesting and diverse ways to quickly find and activate Hermit Druid which is the first piece of both combos. Sometimes you dig for him with Ponder, Grisly Salvage, or Breakthrough. Sometimes you Reanimate him from your graveyard following an Entomb or Buried Alive. And sometimes you tutor for him with Diabolic Intent, Fauna Shaman, or Eldritch Evolution.

Once you have found Hermit Druid, activating his ability dumps your entire library into the graveyard immediately since there are no basic lands in the deck. This same activation makes Dread Return free to cast to get Necrotic Ooze on the battlefield (Plan A below explains how this works). That crafty ooze then mimics creatures now in the graveyard to create infinite mana.

Finally, with infinite mana Necrotic Ooze mimics Bloodrite Invoker and dumps all that mana into his lifedrain ability to win the game.

If that plan is disrupted, Laboratory Maniac is another way to win when your entire library is in your graveyard.

And if that fails, reanimation can bring back threats a second time, even via The Mimeoplasm itself.

Reanimation and counterspells both help protect combos and push through disruption. The resilience of the ooze never stops!

Use Necrotic Ooze to make infinite mana and then finish off opponents with Bloodrite Invoker.

  1. Activate Hermit Druid by paying and to put the entire library in the graveyard as there are no basic lands. This will put Narcomoeba into play for free. If Narcomoeba is in your graveyard or your hand, play a land and that will bring back Bloodghast to the battlefield.
  2. Unearth Fatestitcher into play from the graveyard for . It has haste so use it's ability to a land.
  3. Next, discard any combo pieces from your hand that you'll need in your graveyard (like Devoted Druid, Wall of Roots, Fatestitcher, Channeler Initiate, Thornling, Dread Return, Necrotic Ooze, Bloodghast, Laboratory Maniac or Bloodrite Invoker) for free with Phantasmagorian's ability.
  4. Now that you have three creatures in play (Hermit Druid, Fatestitcher, and Narcomoeba or Bloodghast), you can flashback Dread Return by sacrificing them to reanimate Necrotic Ooze aka "Nooze".
  5. Nooze mimics Wall of Roots ability to create .
  6. Pay so Nooze mimics Thornling's ability to give itself haste.
  7. Nooze mimics Devoted Druid to and produce .
  8. Nooze continues to mimic Devoted Druid to which adds a -1/-1 counter.
  9. Now Nooze mimics Channeler Initiate to and remove that -1/-1 counter and produce another mana of any color.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 infinitely gaining two mana each time.
  11. Finally Nooze mimics Bloodrite Invoker to sink all that infinite mana into the vampire's lifedrain ability bringing all opponents to zero life for the win!

Win with Laboratory Maniac.

  • Reanimate Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur as early as turn 2 to slow opponents down and help dig for Hermit Druid or tutors.
  • After Hermit Druid or Laboratory Maniac eat removal from opponents that are wise to your plans, which will absolutely happen, bring them back via reanimation spells like Reanimate, Apprentice Necromancer, Animate Dead, Death, or Postmortem Lunge.
  • As a last resort, The Mimeoplasm can mimic a combo creature from these plans or even a giant creature to win through commander damage.
  • A quick reference of competitive alternatives:
    Thornling > Blighted Bat
    Fauna Shaman > Survival of the Fittest
    Breakthrough > Intuition
    Grisly Salvage > Sylvan Tutor
    Acidic Slime > Imperial Seal
    Bloodrite Invoker > Walking Ballista
    Voidslime > Spell Pierce
    Check lands and Bounce lands > Original dual lands and fast mana rocks.


    Updates Add

    • Dropped Quillspike in favor of Channeler Initiate as the infinite mana combo steps are simpler and more direct.
    • Dropped the Obelisk Spider combo as it frankly needs creatures in play to do damage to players. Those creatures would need to sustain upward of 120 damage potential which is never going to happen. Losing a win condition required adding in another threat so I solved that in the next edit.
    • Added in more reanimation so Hermit Druid is easier to get via graveyard tutors. Also added Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur as a way to capitalize on more reanimation being in the deck and to make up for the threat loss from dropping Obelisk Spider. It's also an effective creature to buy time to find Hermit Druid since I'm not running the all-in competitive tutor package.
    • Added in more mana dorks since The Mimeoplasm is a more expected line of play which demands 5 mana more regularly and to assist in Demonic Intent, Eldritch Evolution, and Fauna Shaman creature requirements.

    Overall I'm happy that this improves the deck without making it too oppressive. Opponents can still remove or exile Hermit Druid for a full turn before he activates. They can also remove Dread Return, Necrotic Ooze, or Devoted Druid from the graveyard, before the combo goes off. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur never lasts for long and graveyard hate eliminates most lines of play. I would have to get lucky with a counterspell or reanimation spell at exactly the right time to survive.


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