A different take on Mono Green Stompy for Modern, playing exalted mana dorks and big 3-drops instead of the more aggressive 1 and 2-drop creatures. The idea is to take Mono Green's already huge 3-drops and stack multiple exalted triggers on them, turning each one of them into a must-deal-with threat. The mana acceleration also makes Hexdrinker incredibly dangerous, able to hit Progenitus mode as early as turn 4. Strangleroot Geist holds on as the lone 2-drop, as haste and undying are both very relevant abilities, though it would likely be replaced with Werewolf Pack Leader , which could potentially attack as a 6/4, trample, draw a card (!) on turn 3.

The obvious weakness is removal. If an opponent goes for our 3-drops, the good news is that the deck is threat-dense, so each creature lost in a 1-for-1 trade is likely to have backup already on the battlefield and ready to go, or waiting patiently in hand in the case of an opponent with sweepers. The bad news is that it is probably more correct to kill our mana dorks, and I worry that this build could stall out if it can't cheat on the mana curve at least a little bit.

Oath of Nissa is in to help with this a little bit, finding any missing pieces we may need to get off to a smooth start, or as virtual card advantage later in the game. As a bonus, it adds devotion to Aspect of Hydra .

Thrash / Threat found its way into the sideboard of my regular Stompy deck as an answer to General Ferrous Rokiric , among other things. I like to have at least some interaction in my main deck, and the fact that this can also punch planeswalkers and even make a 4/4 trampler with {R} from Ignoble Hierarch , puts it ahead of Dismember for me.

What do you think? Could this be an upgrade for Stompy? Or is it pure jank?


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