This deck is made for a local Regional Qualifier. I haven't tried a truly competitive event in years so I'm not expecting to do anything spectacular. Rather I'm stretching my being muscles to see how well I'm doing.

I found out that recently a variation of an old pioneer deck I brewed is rising the competitive ladder.

R/W Hyper Aggro

I could run that but I'd rather try something different. The concept behind this is pretty straightforward.

Drop early humans till you hit strong 3 turn humans and swarm the board until you win. It's really a variation on 5c Humans and B/W Humans that's a bit more aggressive and go wide. The big hitters are Kytheon who can turn into a 4/4 indestructible beater or Hanweir Garrison which can meld into a 7/4 trampler that spits out 3/2's every time it attacks.

Aside from that the rest of the cards are straight value humans that either recur, tax, buff, or draw. The side board is mostly alternate humans to fight problem meta decks with a few non-reature cards that fill out where there isn't a Human creature that can help. The side board is subject to change if the meta shifts in any way.

But that's the sum of it.


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