• Do you like to sit darkly brooding in the corner before making an explosive and thought provoking turn?

  • Do others "not get" your desire to play both fast combo and grindy control at the same time?

  • Is eye shadow an acceptable clothing accessory for all occasions?

If you silently raged at the posers who gave fake answers like the good conformists they are, then this is the deck for you.

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Hello everyone,

As many of you know already Thassa's Oracle is an immensely powerful card in UB CEDH decks, but for Circu this means the unification of the Tainted Pact and Doomsday builds.

Thassa's Oracle circumvents the need to run the Yawg's Will + Gush interaction in Doomsday piles. This means that the most efficient Doomsday lines now need only half the number of islands in order to go off which is very doable on a Tainted Pact base.

This is exciting news and my deck/ this primer will adjust accordingly.

Have a happy weekend all!


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