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$20 Budget John Wick's Mowu EDH

Commander / EDH Budget Counters Mono-Green Voltron


Work in progress, any help is appreciated.

Mowu, Loyal Companion is a 4 cost 3/3 legend with three great upside abilities, but yet only costs about 9 cents. Lets make a good deck so that this good boy gets some recognition.

This deck has no creatures other than the commander Mowu, so the deck revolves around giving Howu helpful instants, equipment, and enchantments in order to make him an insanely powerful creature and survive. Since Mowu will be your only source of damage, do keep in mind you only need to do 21 damage instead of 40 to kill the opponent.

Mowu has Trample and Vigilance, so don't be afraid to attack and block with him, and as long as he survives, you are good to go. Even if he dies, it only costs 6 to bring him back, which is cheaper than many commanders.

Buffing cards: These cards give Mowu extra attack and defense, often in the form of +1/+1 counters, which Mowu's third ability synergizes with. Cards like Biogenic Upgrade do this.

Regenerate Cards: These cards give Mowu some time to survive as it allows Mowu to survive a fatal hit like Carapace .

Hexproof Cards: Makes sure that opponent can't just bolt or Destroy Howu. These include Mask of Avacyn and Alpha Authority

First And Double Strike Cards: Allow Mowu to attack without often being attacked himself. See cards like Bladed Pinions and Grappling Hook .

Flying cards: cards like Cobbled Wings and Kitesail offers one last form of combat evasion

Fight Cards: Allows Mowu to attack threats early or soften up opponents. See cards like Mutant's Prey and Pounce


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