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Ajani's Presence , Boon of Erebos , and Gods Willing are all 1 cost spells which turn an otherwise dead Agent of the Fates or Fabled Hero into a dead enemy creature. Keep them alive and you win!

I'm only using 3x agent of fates and 3x Fabled Hero because you don't want copies of them in the field as you can only use your spells on 1 at the time.

I've had games where I used Defiant Strike on Agent of the Fates -> drew another Defiant Strike and used it on Agent of the Fates -> and then drew another instant which I also used on Agent of the Fates . Result = -3 enemy creatures for 3 mana and 1 card.

Athreos, God of Passage is in there to get Herald of Torment and Spiteful Returned back so you can play them for their bestow costs. And it's pretty easy to get the devotion required as your creatures are immortal!

Make sure to have a creature in your starting hand or take a mulligan!

You could save $25 ( deck costs about $50 so 50% cheaper ) by removing Temple of Silence, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Caves of Koilos but I wouldn't suggest it. This deck doesn't function well without those lands.


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