This is my approach for a WINgrace Deck.

Deck Strategy or what this deck wants to do

  1. Ramp up as fast as possible.

  2. Generate value with lands entering OR leaving the battlefield.

  3. Win the game with explosive turns or big meanies (green is mean :D).

  4. No MASS Land Destruction, because it generates way too much hate (additionally makes games boring imo).

How the deck is trying to follow the strategy


There are many ways to ramp in the deck, getting lands into play is its core strategy after all! Just a few honorable mentions:

Filter/Draw cards

Just a few examples:

Get stuff in the graveyard

Aside from combat and discarding with Lord Windgrace :

Replay stuff from your graveyard:

Cards like these help a lot here:

Get the meanies out there and use landfall (aka wincons)

What is an explosive turn anyway?

We need to have a lot of landfall triggers available (e.g. Splendid Reclamation + X lands on the battlefield) and one of the payoff cards (e.g. Omnath, Locus of Rage ) is in play. Well just imagine like 5-8 triggers (in longer games I was able to amass 15+ triggers)....THIS is an explosive turn!

Please note that the sideboard and the maybeboard are cards that I have on my wishlist but don`t own in paper (yet). I will eventually swap them out at a later point and I am open for suggestions which cards to take out.

What this deck lacks is some additional efficient removal answers. Currently included are:

  • Gaze of Granite , a sorcery which can get rid of everything if we have the mana available.
  • Lavalanche , a sorcery boardwipe for creatures and planeswalkers against ONE opponent.
  • Ruinous Path , sorcery speed single target removal. The upside is that this can target planeswalkers.
  • Savage Twister , a boardwipe which can wipe all creatures if we have the mana.
  • Windgrace's Judgment , instant removal which destroys one permanent of each opponent.
  • Putrefy , a green-black staple single-target instant removal for a creature or artifact.
  • Wave of Vitriol , floods away all artifacts, enchantments and non-basic lands.

We also have some form of removal on creatures, which are

Some instant permanent removal would be good, I am open for suggestions if you guys know any fitting cards for that purpose.

Another area the deck is rather lacking is lifegain. Overall I would like to have at least one or two good ways to regain a bunch of life. I am still researching suitable options at the moment.

Cards I played before in this Deck, which I swapped out (aka Deck History): Show



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