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Welcome to The Void (pop. = zero), where blue isnt a color, red aint no color neither, and black never was a dang color in the first place!

Update #1: Went ahead and removed the 3 cards (Planar Void Thornwind Faeries Waste Away) that were keeping it from being legal for Modern format, seeing as how none of my other decks come anywhere as close at this time. Other cards still in deck have these same functions, so im okay w/ it, but I have a hard time getting any of my decks under 64 cards as you might have noticed.....


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Just need to take this deck down to 60 total, then ill be satisfied w/ it....

2x SMALLPOX added!! I reeealy love this spell, so cheap & effective that i made sure to pick up 4 copies (one going into golgari edh "BOWZ"). Replaced Skaab Goliath and Barter in Blood with the 'poxes.

Any and all suggestions on which three cards i should get rid of here are still accepted w/ thanks in advance - help me trim this one down to its final configuration!


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