Jamming all the best cards I own into one deck! Instant archenemy at every game! Lose friends and have fun!


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Tokens C Emblem Ajani, C Emblem Elspeth, 1/1 W Token Creature Soldier, 3/3 Beast, Garruk, C Emblem Jace, C Emblem Jace, Spirit 1/1 W, Kaya the Inexorable Emblem, C Emblem Kiora, Kraken 9/9 U, C Emblem Narset, Nissa, C Emblem Nixilis, C Token Artifact Food, 1/1 Vampire Knight, C Emblem Tamiyo, C Emblem Teferi, Teferi, 2/2 C Token Creature Spirit, C Emblem Venser, 2/2 B Token Creature Pirate, Treasure
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