My friends hate me. I just want to play all of my planeswalkers... Why friends make sad? When friend get sad, me get angry. And when me get angry, planeswalkers seem to be the best strategy to have the most fun! Me add best cards me own all into one deck! #diversity is our strength! My plan is to diversify my early ramp with spells and artifacts, get my lands and artifacts destroyed, then rinse and repeat! If my opponents don’t have land or artifact destruction, then I will have enough mana to start casting the real treasures of this deck... Planeswalkers! But really, it all starts with turn one and your (MY) opening hand. Basic Forest!!!! Yea, forests matter BRO. Climate Change #duh. This deck seeks to play as many forests and other green lands as possible. This helps to guarantee that we can find our other three colors. (And by our, I mean MY other three colors, after all, this is MY DECK. Don’t get it twisted, pal.) Anywhoo, I wish I could play 54 lands, but I wanted to make this deck as financially prohibitive as possible. That means shaving lands, adding foils, creating synergy, and making newbs cry on command. With enough early ramp we can start casting planeswalkers, eliminating threats, and gaining card advantage in ways never thought possible (except by me, obviously - I designed the goddamn deck.) If Doubling Season sticks around for any amount of turns, you can tell your friends to F right the F on outta here because your (MY) planeswalkers are making the game a broken mess. Your opponents SHOULD shit their pants when they sit down and see Atraxa, Praetors' Voice at the table. They should excrete a secondary shart and/or shit when you play turn one forest. You may need to wait, but when foil Kodama's Reach hits the stack, your opponents will surely recoil in fear... JK but mostly if your friends don’t kill you by turn 4.5, then you are well on your way to making them all hate you. And by your way I mean MY way to your friends hating ME. How could anyone hate YOU? YOU are special, and YOUR friends probably like you. In the late game, we (US, if you must) are almost certainly in a winning position. If you don’t think this is the case, then you can GET WREKT newb. I’ll see you at commander night 2023.


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