The premise of this deck is the rapid play of cheap creatures and auras which lend to strong, often unblockable creatures.

Quite a few of the cards featured in this deck grant a bonus to power and toughness based on the number of enchantments or auras controlled (e.g., All That Glitters , Sage's Reverie , etc.), which leads to an exponential spike in power given enough enchantments on the field.

Further, this deck boasts a several cheap and interesting cards used to control the opponent's board such as On Thin Ice and Temporal Isolation which, in addition to undermining opponent's defensive or offensive abilities, further contribute to the number of enchantments controlled, and thus the power of creatures enchanted by All That Glitters or similar cards.

In addition, this deck has an incredibly low average mana cost, which lends to quick, aggressive gameplay, especially when coupled with a well maintained mana-curve, which ensures effective plays on every turn.


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