Welcome one and all to the Crown Jewel EDH deck of my collection. A deck so unique it will take some time to soak it all in, but I assure you the journey will be worth it. A deck built around none other than Zedruu the Greathearted !! Give your opponents permanents, draw TONS of cards, and potentially go infinite! This deck is the pinnacle of versatility! So without further adieu, Zedruu

There are a few odd ball ways this deck can win so let's jump right in.
Using either Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind along with Body of Knowledge can go Infinite.
Drawing this many cards can cannon someone out with niv's passive, beef up your creatures, or draw you a different win con!
The deck revolves around Zedruu and the cards he draws us for gifting away various permanents, and so the wincons are themed around having ridiculous amounts of cards in hand at any given time. Alrund, God of the Cosmos   , Dream Trawler , and Mordenkainen all synergize well with the overall theme of the deck and so they slot right in at the top end of the curve.

So thats how the deck focuses to win the orthodox way. Draw cards, swing big, or combo out.
But it wouldn't be Zedruu if we didn't meme it up a little now would it be?
While there are other cards that offer a bit of redundancy in the list, the best by far is Fractured Identity. Gifting cards like Steel Golem , Nine Lives, or Aggressive Mining is the real reason why we are playing this list. They are sure to slow down opponents in a major way or even take them out on the spot!

That leads us into the overall shell of the deck. Being jeskai it's fitting we play a little bit of Stax...
Our major plan is combo and gift so we are slow and vulnerable.
Cards like Propaganda, Sphere of Safety , & Solitary Confinement will keep us safe
While cards like Pramikon, Sky Rampart , Wandering Archaic   , and Lavinia, Azorius Renegade will slow everyone else down.

Running a few varied pieces for removal all of which complement zedruu, but keep in mind the exchange cards can serve as key removal along the way as well!

If all else fails lean on Approach of the Second Sun to take advantage of the card draw and win you the game! There are tons of other subtle combos in the list and I hope you soak it up and give a little feedback on how I can improve it going forward.

Thanks for checking Zedruu out


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