This is my attempt at a (semi budget) EDH Weatherlight saga deck. I tried to include only cards related to the MTG story from after the brothers' war to the phyrexian invasion of dominaria (or relatively lore neutral cards to make it work).

The most consistent win condition is maintaining control of the board long enough to start abusing Legacy Weapon, and wiping the opponenet.

basic strategy -attain domain as quickly as possible, while not losing control of the board -use a fetch card to get sisay/legacy weapon on the board with domain -start exiling threats and building board position until opponent is crippled -kill opponent at your leisure

Originally the commander was Sliver Queen and she worked well with the mana ramp and artifacts however, I have switched to Ramos, Dragon Engine due to his relation to the legacy, and so the weatherlight saga legends now have a more central role in the match.

check out the companion deck Old phyrexia built on a similar theme (though the suicide black deck was a much more established deck type)

any input is greatly appreciated on either deck, and please try to keep card suggestions lore friendly or at least as neutral as possible.

Edit: Dec 2020.With how competetive EDH has become, I tinkered with trying to speed up the deck by fixing mana faster. I also implimented some of the newer versions of the weatherlight crew due to better mana distribution and frankly being more powerful than their contemporaries.

notable additions include crumbling sanctuary and primeval's glorious rebirth which are absolutely devastating together.


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