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Strategy here is to amass a huge horde of zombie tokens, quickly; buff them all; overwhelm the battlefield.

This works well when Diregraf Colossus comes out early, creating a Zombie token for every other zombie cast (maybe I should make that x4 instead of x3?). Then if Relentless Dead creates graveyard cycling, dragging along Prized Amalgam out of the graveyard in the process; more zombie tokens.

Instants for removal and hand/battlefield disruption.

Enchantments partially to buff zombies with abilities but mainly to make more zombie token creatures.

Rooftop Storm makes casting zombies free or, with Havengul Lich , casting from graveyard very cheap.

Three kinds of Zombie Lords to buff Death Baron , Lord of the Accursed and Diregraf Captain . Two overseers to buff the zombie tokens; Eternal Skylord and Gleaming Overseer .

Card-drawing when hand runs low is covered by Soul Diviner (should this be x2?) and Cryptbreaker - costs of activated abilities covered by many zombie tokens with lots of +1/+1 tokens on them.

Flying defence should be covered by Aven Eternal and Zombie tokens with flying after Eternal Skylord lands.

Enchantment defence sideboarded with Quagmire Druid and splashing green.

Budget deck, so no Gravecrawlers and only x1 or x2 of expensive cards e.g. Death Baron , Relentless Dead .


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