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Ramos, The Dragon Engine

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This deck is built upon mana generation and creating Hydras that can not be countered. creating and doubling counters is the main reasoning for this. I have also added a bit of grave play and the ability to create an army of tokens so that when i swing out with my hydras, Teferi's veil can phase them out so they can't be targets of spells or abilities and the tokens can keep me from being wide open. I plan on adding a couple more cards in, like the ability to double (x) mana, and cards such as mana flare, and doubling season. I decided to keep zendikar resurgant out so it doesn't generate as much enchantment hate if possible, while creating a semblance of group hug. i can helm of the host Ramos and progenitor mimic the first non legendary copy in order to have multiple ramos and higher mana generation. If you have any more pointers i am open for discussion as this was my frst ground up built commander deck.


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