I was challenged to come up with a control-type deck without the tradition Blue and Black colors to lean upon. I have a Stax deck that typically builds to my opponents being unable to untap their lands. Frustrating for them, malicious fun for me. But then I started thinking... What if their lands, instead of staying tapped, just weren't there at all? Thus, this deck was born. Mass Land Destruction, because I'm the worst type of person that thinks certain cards shouldn’t be stigmatized against. Why is countering a spell okay, but preventing it ever being cast isn’t? Since this is MLD, we run a TON of mana rocks and a few mana dorks as well. We want to ramp into mana from rocks and dorks ASAP to start locking down our opponents and destroying their lands. I chose Zacama as the commander because, once we play him, we can use his abilities to blow up our opponent's mana rocks/dorks, further locking down the board. Run a couple big angels for some finishers, mostly because if we hit Avacyn our lands become indestructible netting us a further advantage. We have a few other ways of getting lands back to make sure we stay ahead of the game and actively win instead of just resetting the game. Our goal is to get ahead and stay ahead, not just reset everyone.


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