Kathril, Aspect Warper is my first Abzan commander. I really like graveyard interaction, and Kathril fits the bill. He wants to pitch stuff into the graveyard early so he can get really big when I cast him. When I get to the late game, I can start reanimating creatures from the graveyard to overwhelm the board with fatties. I play a similar strategy with Volrath the Fallen in my Volrath Voltron Reanimator, and I really enjoy it. With Kathril being in Abzan colors, it opens up a few different things I can do. Volrath wants to get into play as early as possible, and then start discarding creatures. Kathril wants to discard creatures before coming into play. Late game is the same for both; reanimate threats and overwhelm opponents.

Filling the Graveyard

Since Kathril wants the graveyard to fill up early, before casting him, I've got plenty of ways to get creatures into the bin. Cards like Grapple with the Past, Satyr Wayfinder, and Grisly Salvage act as pseudo-card draw spells, allowing me to filter lands to my hand and creatures to the graveyard. Anvil of Bogardan is a natural fit, allowing me an extra draw in exchange to pitch a card, hopefully a creature. The classic Buried Alive can really start the show off right, allowing me to search up max keyword targets like Zetalpa, Primal Dawn to max out the keywords I can throw on Kathril. Final Parting is just a great tutor for this deck, getting a card to the bin and something immediately useful into my hand. Survival of the Fittest and Tortured Existence offer great utility for switching cards in my hand for something useful in my graveyard or library.

As I played the precon, I noticed that there were times when I was needing to cast the creatures I wanted in the graveyard in order to establish a board state and avoid getting blown out. I didn't mind doing this, but the precon was sorely lacking in sac outlets to let me get these creatures into the graveyard where I really wanted them to be, so I could eventually cast Kathril and gain max value. I added some sac outlets to help out with this. Greater Good is great for sacrifice, draw, and filling the 'yard more with discard. Fanatical Devotion and Martyr's Cause are underplayed and underrated free sac outlets that also offer some protection. Reprocess can let me ditch several keyword creatures at a time in order to refill my hand.

The Keys to Victory

As the text on Kathril implies, keywords are the key to victory. So, no shortage of keyword-soup creatures to fill up the graveyard. Prime targets are Zetalpa, Primal Dawn and Akroma, Angel of Wrath, as they have the most keywords on them. But we want variety, so getting deathtouch and hexproof are important, too. Cards like Slippery Bogbonder and Arvad the Cursed provide these.


After pumping Kathril up, I want to start reanimating creatures in the graveyard to start to finish things off. Reanimate, Unburial Rites, and Ever After put creatures back on the battlefield. Living Death's usefulness is obvious, especially in the late game. I could go with some more reanimation spells, but at this time, the deck seems to play well without needing to hang on it in the late game.

Just to add a little fun and jank to the deck, I decided to include Bruna, the Fading Light + Gisela, the Broken Blade . It should be rather easy to get Gisela into the graveyard, and then cast or reanimate Bruna to get to Brisela, Voice of Nightmares     into play. It'll be a fun achievement unlocked moment when it happens. Ever After can also get me both cards on the same turn.


Reanimation is a favorite of mine, and this deck fits how I want to play it. I love using the 'yard as a resource. I hope others find it fun as well.


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