Hello, and thanks for glancing at my deck.

This deck was originally inspired by Sebastian Steffe's tournament winning deck from late 2017. It has evolved some over time, but not much. The deck is a lot of fun to play and is very much a consistent winner. There have been quite a few great cards released over the past few years, so I am sure the deck could be improved upon.

If you have any thoughts, or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Once I decide that I am going to construct a new deck around a given archetype (i.e. tribal, affinity, combo, control, mill, etc.) and flavours (i.e. Vampires, Slivers, weenie, stompy, etc.); my first thought is, "What game mechanics do I want to incorporate to create a deck that is fresh, fun, interesting, and reasonably competitive?"

Once I have a general idea what I want, my next thought is, "How am I going to win the game?". From there I begin considering my Wincons and studying what cards will take me to my desired end state.

When building a deck, I feel it is important that one can quickly and easily articulate a purpose/reason/mission for each and every card in the deck. Trying to decide what to pull when considering a new card for the deck should be a painful experience.

When playing this deck, the goal in the early game is to get at least one copy each of Urza's Mine , Urza's Power Plant , and Urza's Tower on the battlefield; for reasons unbeknownst to me, this is called a "Tron". Once accomplished, you will be able to generate colourless mana at a rate your opponent will not be able to compete with. Once you have a Tron, you reap added benefits by having multiple copies of the Urza lands on the board.

Expedition Map is in the deck to increase the probability of obtaining a Tron. Once you have a Tron, use Expedition Map to bring out more Urza's Tower s (each providing per turn) or Cavern of Souls (to keep your creature spells from being countered).

The mana abilities of Sea Gate Wreckage and Mind Stone are useful in the early game, but in the later turns you will probably gain more benefit from their card draw abilities. Don't hesitate to use them for such! Among Endbringer 's many varied uses is also an ability to let you draw a card in the time of need. Don't forget to untap Endbringer during your opponent's untap step!! Relic of Progenitus is in the deck primarily to counter graveyard recursion decks, but it also has card draw benefits.

Your Chalice of the Void s will ensure survival in the early game. Depending on what type of deck your opponent presents, try to get at least one Chalice of the Void on the table with either two or three charge counters. When possible, use Cavern of Souls in the casting of your Eldrazi Creatures so they can not be countered. Note however, that Cavern of Souls can not generate colourless mana () when using it's 2d ability; so when casting an Eldrazi Creature, you can name any colour but it must be applied towards the generic mana cost.

If your opponent deploys a critter that is more than you can handle at a given moment, use Endbringer 's 2d ability to lock it down until you are ready to deal with it on your own terms.

Dismember and Karn Liberated are your engines for creature removal. There is no black mana source in the deck, so you will have to spend life points to cast Dismember .

Once you start bringing out the big boys, your opponent is toast. Should your opponent manage to develop their battle plan, a well timed All Is Dust will put them back in their place while leaving you totally unscathed.

I am not aware of many combos which fit the theme and flavour of this deck. The deck was designed for battle, however I would love to hear from anyone with insight to any effective combos which would not require a major rebuild.

Jester's Cap + Karn, the Great Creator


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